Welcome to Mr. Almon’s Blog

MrAlmon.com will serve as a central location for information regarding Mr. Almon’s English classes at Eagle River High School. I will use this site in concert with my Facebook Classroom Page @ Mr. Almon’s Classroom (linked to the right –>) to keep students and parents updated with current information, events, and schedules.

The blog posts will often include the following:

  1. Weekly course content and due dates
  2. Model writing/analysis
  3. Polls, Questions & Reflections to gather student feedback
  4. Outside links that contain thematic ties to course content (youtube, TED, other blogs & publications…)
  5. Reading discussions

The linked pages underneath the banner picture will be used to post content and handouts that will be used routinely throughout the year; these handouts may include:

  1. Socratic Seminar format,
  2. Reading structures,
  3. Analysis guidelines, and Vocabulary.

There is a linked page for each of my classes. If you lose a handout, you can always find it archived on these pages.

I hope this electronic forum will provide us all a place to extend classroom discussion and to share our learning processes.


Mr. Almon

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