Welcome back!

This might represent how you feel:


However, I’m glad to see everyone is here. On the first day of class we will be reviewing basic expectations and the course content. Most of this information will be on the syllabus I hand out. Copies of these syllabi will be linked underneath each class’s dedicated page–these links are located underneath the banner at the top, in the black horizontal bar.

Any handout that pertains to your class will be linked on the specific class page. If you lose handouts or want to make additional copies, please access the documents on the website and print them.

Among other items, I will post a weekly overview of what we will be doing in class, and any outside content I think relates to the class, if it cannot be fit into traditional class time.

Please visit this website often to get updated information about assignments, due dates, and to ask questions.

Onward! Mr. Almon

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