Week of August 26th Overview

AP Language and Composition:

Please make sure you have your dedicated class notebook and portfolio for class tomorrow!

On Monday we will continue the discussion on arrangement that started last Thursday by taking a close look at my Didion model essay, especially the analysis sections and how they are interwoven with evidence from her essay. I will ask each table group to label parts of the paragraphs and prepare to discuss them with the whole group. You’ll also receive seminar guidelines for a discussion we will hold during class on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we will complete some AP style multiple choice questions on Didion’s essay and then use them to discuss some of the rhetorical choices she made–this should help you start thinking about what kinds of questions you will write for Wednesday’s seminar. 

After fully addressing both ideal arrangement of a paragraph and digging deeper into the elements of Didion’s essay through the short and longer questions on Tuesday and Wednesday, I am going to ask you to write a group paragraph on Thursday and Friday to be read and scored by all of your classmates on Monday. I will give you further details of what a group paragraph entails on Thursday. 

English 9 & 11:

Please make sure you have your class specific notebook on Monday–this week we will use it often for classroom discussion activities.

Monday we will conduct a short writing exercise to set common classroom expectations. You will be asked to remember the best and worst classes you have had as examples of how we should and should not conduct ourselves in class. Expectations for students and for teachers will be written by the end of class. We will handout all the language textbooks and label them with your names on Tuesday, and complete our first activity in the book. Since many of you said you want to work on grammar, we will start with a grammar based activity and perhaps complete some vocabulary work. 

Wednesday you will be taking an online reading test so that I have better knowledge of your current reading level. Based on this information, we should be able to adjust the class to fit your specific needs. 

Finally, Thursday and Friday we will begin to explore the role of heroes in our culture by completing some short writing exercises, doing some brief web research, listening to and analyzing song lyrics, and reading some background information about heroes and how they are portrayed in literature. All of these background information activities will lead up to our reading of Gilgamesh once the books arrive at school.

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