Rhetorical Terms & Didion Model

Here is the link to the rhetorical terms and examples I mentioned in class.

I will also put the above link permanently under the AP Lang class page.

Here’s the On Morality Prompt:

  • After carefully reading paragraphs five and six of Joan Didion’s On Morality, write a well-crafted response which explains how the author uses language in order to convey her attitude toward her surroundings.

Here’s my Didion topic sentence:

“In paragraphs 5 and 6 of her candid essay, On Morality, Joan Didion starts with a frank assessment of her surroundings and follows her opening assertion with examples and imagery in order to convey the uncertainty she feels about her surroundings in Death Valley.”

Notice the parts of this basic topic sentence:

  1. Necessary information: author, title & specific piece of text being analyzed
  2. Statement of the language used, and how it is arranged. Remember, let structure of the author’s text drive your analysis of it. This usually means chronological arrangement.
  3. Finally, define her attitude using an accurate adjective and language from the prompt.


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