How to “Enter the Conversation”

Here is the online version of, They Say, I Say to which I referred in last Friday’s class.

You are not required to read this book, but I would heavily suggest reading the introduction to the book. It won’t take long, and it will give you a concrete way tp structure the introduction, refutation and confirmation sections of your argument.

I will also place a permanent link to the book on your class page.

More later…

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One Response to How to “Enter the Conversation”

  1. dosrivers says:

    So, here is how I would go about writing an introduction using the template above, if I was going to present an argument from Room for Debate. I chose “Do Teachers Need to have Experience?” to write the following introduction and statement of fact.


    The simple question is: Do teachers need to have experience? What is implied by this question is yet another question: to what degree does experience contribute to the making of a great teacher?
    The reason these questions are so frequently asked is the broad agreement that high achieving students are the product of great teachers backed by support from the surrounding community. Great teaching is often hard to define, but that has not stopped many public, private, and charter schools from attempting to figure out what makes a great teacher. While some believe there is no replacement for on the job experience, others assert that youthful enthusiasm with organized support is the best path to student achievement. Of course, still others remain somewhere in the middle of this continuum and claim that ultimately the goal should be to find the best person for the job regardless of age or experience. No matter where one stands on the issue, there is almost unanimous agreement that great teaching is the product of experience paired with professional and community support. Yet again, the questions arises; how much experience is enough to give a teacher the potential to be great and to positively affect student outcomes?

    Statement of Fact:
    While there may be numerous pathways to teaching greatness, there is no greater determiner of student success than an experienced teacher, dedicated to continued learning and improvement. While energy, enthusiasm and youthful willingness are all positive attributes, they simply cannot overcome the vital experience that a veteran teacher brings to the classroom.

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