Week of 10/21 Outlook

AP Language & Composition:

This week we are going to begin by taking time to reflect on 1st Quarter. We have been working on argument for about 7 weeks now, and I want to give all students a chance to look back at their written work in order to identify some individual short-term goals for improvement. To do this, it would be ideal to have your writing portfolio in class. Your portfolio should include the following 8-9 essays:

  • Didion Rhetorical Analysis & Didion Group Paragraph
  • Ecclesiastes Open Argument Prompt & Revision (if you completed one)
  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail rhetorical analysis
  • Orwell Group Paragraph
  • Room for Debate Argument Outline (at least your part of the argument)
  • Ken Robinson RSA Response
  • Horace Open Argument Prompt

I will provide the class with questions to guide the 1st quarter reflection, which will be done in your class notebooks.

The remainder of the week we will begin investigating the third type of question on the exam: Synthesis. The synthesis question is much like the open argument question, but requires the use of at least three outside sources when developing an argument. As you know, the open argument relies solely on your background experience as evidence. Therefore, writing synthesis takes more technical ability and requires a writer to fully understand how the sources relate to one another. This is yet another They Say, I Say structured argument, because the sources are meant to provide context to the argument, but not to take over a writer’s central claim and point of view. In essence, both your Room for Debate project and long term semester projects are synthesis tasks because they ask you to identify reliable sources, then use them to make your claim about a central issue.

To fully investigate the synthesis question, we are going to slow down the process, look at the sources individually (most likely 2 per class day),  write a rhetorical precis on each,  then respond to the prompt in writing.

English 9 and 11

On Monday we will take one final day to work on your Antz essays, focusing specifically on the conclusion, and then providing some work time to finish the first draft which will be due for peer editing on Tuesday. The first draft should include at least 5 fully developed paragraphs: an introduction, a body paragraph for Departure, Initiation, and Return, and a conclusion. The final due date for the essay will be Thursday, 10/24.

Aside from the essay, we will spend this week working on Language Unit 32, Lesson 8, and transitioning to the quarter 2 unit on novels, in which we will read To Kill a Mockingbird. To begin our work with the book, we will complete an informal writing prompt which will ask students to answer the essential question the entire unit is based upon. I will provide students with a reading schedule for the book when I hand the novel out later in the school week.

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