Argument and Analysis Goals

What follows is a streamlined list of goals that all classes identified.


  1. Identify convincing evidence, fully develop it, and tie it back to the central claim.
  2. Based on the audience, make conscious decisions about where to place concessions
  3. Based on the audience, make conscious decisions about the ideal order of evidence
  4. Incorporate sources effectively so that they support the central claim, but don’t overwhelm it
  5. At the end of each piece of major evidence, crystallize the main point and tie it directly back to the claim.


  1. Incorporate appropriate evidence on which to base analysis.
  2. Explain what specific parts of that evidence are doing (using a strong verb) to accomplish the author’s purpose.
  3. Then, tie the main point of analysis back to the central claim.
  4. Allow the author’s arrangement to guide the arrangement of analysis–usually chronological.

There are three basic questions to address when arguing or analyzing

In Argument: What is your claim? Where do we find evidence that supports it? How does the evidence make your claim stronger?

In AnalysisWhat is the author doing? Where is the author doing it in the text? How do the author’s language choices accomplish his/her purpose (see #2 above)?

*The HOW questions must be answered using your background knowledge and experience, whereas the What and Where questions are found in the text when writing analysis or in your background knowledge when writing argument.

*Addressing these three questions will make it more likely you will write strong argument and analysis.

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