Follow up on Synthesis

Since many of you started writing your body paragraph in response to the curriculum synthesis question in class on Friday, I imagine some of you are beginning to think about writing your introductory paragraph. To that end, here are three simple moves you can make to write a complete introduction to this argument and most others:

  1. Provide a general overview of the issue being argued
  2. Provide a precise summary of the main arguments in response to the issue
  3. Assert your own argument in response to the main arguments.

(If those three moves are too abstract–read my model introduction in the post below, which follows the three part arrangement.)

-This is a basic format which can later be adapted to your own needs, but for now, it will be adequate for both your limited response to the curriculum question, and your full response to the synthesis task which will start on Wednesday.

Happy Writing,

Mr. A

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