Week of 10/28 Overview

AP Language & Composition:

Tomorrow we will read and score your two paragraph responses to the curriculum synthesis question. Each group should bring at least 2 hard copies so that more than one student can easily read and score the response at the same table.

After the scoring process above, we will move toward a full-length response to a video synthesis question. The video sources will give us a good opportunity to transition from largely text-based arguments to more purely visual arguments. As such, we will take a day to practice listening/watching for claims and reasons in spoken argument. Further, for the sake of thematic continuity, we will continue to look at issues in education.

On Tuesday we will watch J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech tracking her claims and reasons in order to practice the note-taking required for the full video synthesis response. Feel free to watch at the above link in advance.

After listening to her speech, we will then watch the full length “TED Talks Education” in which eight different experts (sources) in education attempt to argue what is required to educate students to succeed in life beyond high school. After watching the approximately 1 hour special in class on Wednesday, and taking notes on the speakers’ claims and reasons, you will be asked to develop a full length synthesis argument in class on Thursday. Of course, with the link above you can go back and watch portions of it a second time before writing if you would like.

To complete the transition to visual argument, we will use the OPTIC framework I handed to you last week and apply it to a still visual. It will most likely be a political cartoon, advertisement, or PSA.

*I will be gone on Thursday and Friday for training, but can answer questions from afar via email.

English 9/11:

On Monday we will finish Chapter 1 of TKaM and your first notes will be due for participation points. Each day this week, and for the next few weeks, we will read at least 10 pages in class and you will be required to either finish the chapter at home or to begin the next. In this way, we should be able to cover about 20 pages per day or 3 to 4 chapters per week.

Remember, the notes are worth a considerable amount of participation points and can be used on your final exam; so, it will be essential to both put forth effort as you read each chapter, and then keep an organized place to store the 31 different sets of notes.

This week we will also cover Lesson 9 in Language Unit 32. In this unit, you will be tested on your ability to correct negative sentences, and to spell words containing Greek roots, just like the ones we have practiced throughout the last few weeks. Both of these scores will be entered in Zangle and be used to track your progress in language use.

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