Week of November 4th Overview:

AP Language & Composition


  • November 14th after school is the Mock Exam–this is a great opportunity.
  • November 16th is the first Saturday Study Session–an outside presenter will be flown up to talk to you all about how to be successful in the course and on the exam–also a fantastic chance to hear a different voice talk about the content of the class.

As the earlier post alluded to, we are going to start the week by scoring your Video Synthesis essays. I will hand your response back with a guided rubric and some suggestions for what to assess. This should take the first part of the period only. The second part of class is going to be dedicated to a 3-2-1 Reflection. More details about that tomorrow. I would also like to take suggestions from each student for how to use our future structured tutorials.

Tuesday we are going to start visual argument. This will include looking at samples and annotating them as a group using the OPTIC handout I gave you a couple of weeks ago. After we have run through the process as a whole group, I will ask you to practice the response format on your own, with a visual argument of your choice.

Wednesday’s class (in its entirety) will be used to complete the AKCIS activity, which a counselor will be in class to guide you through.

Thursday and Friday we will pick up visual argument where we left off on Tuesday, and begin to transition to creating your own visual arguments. You will have a lot of choices to make when creating your own visual argument, including what subject you would like to argue, the type of claim you would like to make, and what purpose your visual argument will set out to accomplish. In addition, you will be able to work independently or with a group–whichever suits your learning style best. I will provide all of the assignment details and the outcomes for the project when we have finished analyzing the visuals with OPTIC from earlier in the week.

*If you are visiting this website for the first time in a couple of weeks, please at least see the post: 10 moves to make when writing synthesis–in fact, I would print this post out and put it in your notebook for future reference; these are the same moves you’ll need to make on your semester project which will be due in less than 8 weeks.

9 & 11

Tomorrow we will score your Chapter 3, To Kill a Mockingbird paragraph responses, and provide you with a chance to do talk about the challenges of the response. To that end, I will print your responses from Google and have them for you when you arrive in class.

The two main goals for this week are to finish Unit 32, Lesson 10 in the language books and to read Chapters 4 through 10. As usual, you will be asked to complete notes on each chapter and be prepared to take quizzes on select chapters using those same notes. We will also read some of the book together as a class and to listen to the audio. A combination of all of these strategies should enable you to follow the books major theme: Coming of Age. 



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