Artistic and Design Elements for Visual Fallacy Project

Artistic Elements to Consider:

  • Alignment –Do the visual elements and their arrangement work with the data or information to deliver a clear message?

  • Clarity— At a glance, does the subject of the infographic make sense? Is the message intuitive within a short time of viewing?

  • Color–Do the selected colors work in unison, emphasize or highlight the information, and not distract from the overall purpose of the message/argument?

  • Movement–Do the visual elements (lines, colors, shapes, space, and contrast) lead your eye to the most important information?

Effective Design Elements to Consider:

  • Movement: Organizing the elements in a way that guides the viewer throughout your design.

  • Rhythm: The repetition of visual movement, much like a pattern of beats or measure of music.

  • Contrast: Using the differences in elements to create visual excitement and add interest to your design.

  • Balance: The distribution of “visual weight”. Can be symmetrical (same on both sides), asymmetrical (different sides, but same “visual weight”), or radial (parts radiate from a central focus)

  • Unity: The cohesive quality that makes a design feel complete and finished. All of the elements look like they belong together, and communicate your concept effectively.

  • Pattern: Using elements in planned or random repetitions to enhance a design.

  • Emphasis: Using elements to create dominance and focus in a design.

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