Week of November 11th Outlook:

AP Language and Composition:


  • Wednesday’s after school structured tutorial will focus on test taking strategies for the mock exam the next day–>
  • Thursday after school,  from 2.30-5.45 is the Mock Exam
  • Saturday from 8.30-2.30 @ ERHS is the Saturday Session

*I will have sign ups for these events so that I can make the appropriate arrangements based on attendance.

Monday we will use the visual fallacy definitions you created in Easel.ly to review for the matching quiz, which will take place on Tuesday. We may have to take part of class on Tuesday to finish the visuals, but we will still take the quiz within the class period. After the review and quiz, we will shift our attention to reading & watching example satires. Stephen Colbert’s testimony to congress serves as a modern example of Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal.” We will watch Colbert and read Swift as part of the invention process of writing your own Modest Proposals. You will need to bring your class notebooks because you will be asked to respond to both authors in them.

Since this week is so intense outside of class, I won’t be giving you much, if any, homework. However, you should continue to work on your semester projects, for which the paper requirements are due in approximately one month. If you lost track of your assignment sheet for the project, please see the link on your class page on this website.

English 9 and 11:

Your chapter 4 & 5 response is due on Monday. I will print your final drafts from Google Docs and you will be asked to turn in your notes from chapters 5 & 6 with it. We will begin the week reading Chapter 7, and attempt to get through chapter 12 by the end of the week. As the end of the quarter is drawing near, we will need to pick up the reading pace in order to finish by the time final exams occur approximately a month from now.

We will also begin a new unit in Language this week. As usual, we will mainly use the spelling, vocabulary, and grammar portions of the unit so that we can place most of our focus on To Kill a Mockingbird.

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