Week of 12/2-6

AP Language & Composition:

Tomorrow during class we will read and discuss paragraphs (14-17) of Alexander Petrunkevitch’s essay “The Spider and the Wasp” which provides a nice contrast to Woolf. His essay was first published in Scientific American and is far less lyrical than Woolf’s writing. As a result of our discussion, you will be asked to write a rhetorical analysis response comparing the authors’ use of language and be prepared for a seminar discussion on Tuesday. Your grade for this assignment will be assessed based on the sophistication of your analysis and your participation in the resulting discussion.

Wednesday we will discuss Langston Hughes’ essay, Salvation (pg. 179) . Next, we will address Alice Walker’s essay, In Search of our Mother’s Gardens (pg.420) on Thursday.

*Please consider reading these essays early in the week and then rereading in preparation for class discussion. You will be required to write about each of them and there’s a good chance of a quiz on either or both. Your written response, if you want to get ahead, can be in the form of: an E/I Chart, Rhetorical Precis, or an Analysis Paragraph of approximately one page.

Friday we will complete an in class write. The rhetorical analysis prompt will come directly from a past exam, and give us a chance to discuss range finders on Monday when scoring your writing.

You will need to finish reading Maya Angelou’s essay, Graduation (pg. 20) by Tuesday.

Below are the reading assignments with page numbers and due dates. As you read each essay, annotate it, looking for striking word choice, sentence structure & trends, and figures of speech that you would want to use in your own narrative and descriptive essay. Then, write a response in your notebook as directed above.

The point of reading these essayists is to gather ideas for your own writing; so, read with a writing utensil and an open mind.

  1. Read Hughes, page 179 by Wednesday
  2. Read Walker, page 420 by Thursday
  3. Read Angelou, page 20 by Tuesday of next week

English 9 and 11:

We will begin the week with a discussion on the final events of Tom Robinson’s trial, which take place over Chapters 19-21. You should have read Chapter 19 by last Friday and have finished reading 20-21 and answering the questions by tomorrow at the beginning of class. You will receive a participation score for having them finished. We will then move on to Chapters 22-25, getting within a week of finishing the book, which should occur Friday 12/13,  just before finals week.

You final exam will require you to write two essays, one based on the themes in Gilgamesh and the other a comparison between the To Kill a Mockingbird  book and movie. While your Gilgamesh essay will be more personal in nature, you will be asked to write a comparison/contrast essay on the book and movie. The essay will ask you to argue which version of the story best represents Scout’s coming of age, which is the theme we have been tracking throughout the book.

Some of you will need to either begin or finish your Language! test from last week. You can do this on the computers in my room as other students are reading silently. We will also move on to Lesson 3, Unit 33 in the Language! books.

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