Woolf & Petrunkevitch + Hughes, Walker, & Angelou

First, some clarification about paragraph arrangement for tonight’s analysis.

I would suggest the following arrangement

  1. Topic sentence that defines views + subjects for Woolf & Petrunkevitch
  2. Text evidence + Analysis of Woolf’s view and subject
  3. Crystallize Woolf analysis and transition
  4. Text evidence + Analysis of Petrunkevitch’s view and subject
  5. Crystallize Petrunkevitch analysis and transition
  6. End with a consideration of how their views differ (Big Question)

Or put as a formula

  1. Topic sentence about A + B
  2. Analysis of A
  3. Crystallize A, Transition to B
  4. Analysis of B
  5. Crystallize B, Transition to A + B
  6. Address HOW A + B differ in their view

Now, on to the reading for this week, which includes: Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, and Maya Angelou (for next week).

All these authors write from an African American point of view, but consider different social situations. Hughes on religion and faith, Walker on Women’s roles, Angelou on Education.

You must read Hughes by Wednesday, Walker by Thursday, Angelou by next Tuesday. After reading each, you need to dedicate a page in your notebook to writing about each. To do so, please complete one of three response types:

  1. An evidence (left column) and interpretation (right column) chart, with at least 4 pieces of text evidence and 4 pieces of analysis.
  2. Write a 4 part rhetorical precis focusing more on part 4 (audience connection) than claim, reasons and purpose. When answering part 4, address how the author’s language choices appeal to the audience and establish the purpose of the writing.
  3. Write a single rhetorical analysis paragraph on an author’s meaning, purpose or effect. Write the paragraph just like you would a formally assigned paragraph or as part of an in class write.

No matter which you do, your work should demonstrate effort and full engagement with the reading–participation points will be periodically awarded when I check your notebooks. The best possible approach is the write the author’s name at the top of the page, then respond fully in 1 of the 3 ways outlined above.


Mr. Almon


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3 Responses to Woolf & Petrunkevitch + Hughes, Walker, & Angelou

  1. Stud Ent says:

    Hey Mr.Almon,
    You asked for some feed back saying it would be really helpful, so I have fulfilled your request. I briefly caught your comment about the best arrangement towards the end of class, but didn’t hear the complete explanation. This post clearly outlines what we need to write about and the arrangement in which it can most effectively be done. Your post has been most helpful. You have given us several end of the semester assignments and although they may seem untimely with our project looming ever closer, providing posts such as this make those assignments all the more easier to accomplish. With this extra help there’s no reason why anyone can’t thoroughly complete the task.

    • dosrivers says:

      Thanks. And although I would say 25 pages of reading and a paragraph of writing over two weeks of school isn’t loading you up , especially when you have had 12 weeks to complete the project, your feedback is appreciated.

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