Semester Project Model Argument

Hopefully the weather has driven you inside and in front of your computer screen to work on writing your semester project, due this Thursday.

Remember, it is supposed to be 3-4 pages of argument (see my model below) with the two rhetorical precis on one page and a separate works cited page–all of the directions are linked under your class page on this website if you need to review the requirements.

I will be presenting on Thursday and you will sign up for a presentation slot then. To that end here is my written portion, if you would like to see a model for your own. As you read, notice:

  • Most of my evidence is personal, although the hard research is used to provide context to the body of the argument. My argument is not trumped by the sources.
  • I don’t yet have all 8 sources cited. There are 6, but I thought it was better to get this posted than to dwell on minor tweaks.
  • Yours does not need to follow my arrangement exactly because it will heavily depend on what type of argument you are making.
  • While I think this is well-written, it will not be how I present on Thursday. Clarity is king in presentations; so, I will need to simplify some parts and make them congruent with my visual.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to post a comment. Plans to come later….

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