Finals Week

AP Language & Composition:

Well, there’s not much left to say other than: be prepared for your final presentation by rehearsing your argument and making sure I have a copy of your visual artifct at least the night before you are scheduled to present. We did a really good job transitioning quickly from one presentation to another last Friday–let’s try to continue that efficiency by minimizing technical glitches.

With the inclusion of the participation points for reading Hughes and Walker,  we will end up with close to 800 points before the final project grade is entered. Since the project is worth 10% of your grade, I will make the numbers a little cleaner and make the whole worth 80 points. While this will be slightly more than 10%, it will give everyone more opportunity to improve their grade.

There will be no rounding of grades. After all, this is a weighted class, and you have been given participation points and plenty of opportunity to earn your grade. Therefore, I am unwilling to enter into discussions about grades that are even one-tenth of a percent from the next letter grade. That tenth of a percent is just the motivation to take the extra steps in preparation when completing your work next semester.

English 9/11

We will finish watching To Kill a Mockingbird tomorrow, and you should attempt to finalize and organize your notes. Since we only have 40 minutes left to watch, we will have a brief discussion for all students to make comments and help establish the key differences in how the book and the movie approach Scout’s coming of age differently.

Before Tuesday’s class, you will need to make a choice about which one you think does a better job because we will complete prewriting for your essay, which will count as your final exam. This will be a comparison essay; so, I plan to provide all students with a basic arrangement handout to follow when writing. However, you will be responsible for bringing all of your notes, the assignment sheet handouts, and any other documents you want to use to give yourself the best possible chance of success on your final essay.

This is the home stretch; plan to work hard.

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