Week of 1/(6-10) Overview

AP Language and Composition:

Monday we will take some time in class to reflect on first semester and to set goals and determine what the class will focus on second semester. You will just need to bring your notebook, and ideally, your writing portfolio, which should contain your written work from first semester.

Tuesday I will introduce the second semester final project. Although I have some non-negotiable deadlines and requirements, I am interested in getting your input on how you will complete and the project, including what you will complete to demonstrate the thought process you went through and the product you will create as a final demonstration of your effort.

Wednesday through Friday will be spent with the narrative pattern of arrangement and E.B. White’s Once More to the Lake (50 Essays, page 431.) We are going to slowly get back into rhetorical analysis by reading, writing, and creating a visual representation of E.B. White’s arrangement, language choices and purpose. You will complete your visual and present it to the class, then follow the presentation by writing a group paragraph on White’s essay.

Note: There will be two key pieces of reading to support class discussion this week: a packet on narrative & White’s essay. I will provide you with copies of the narrative packet on Monday. The narrative packet and notes are due on Wednesday, and White is due on Thursday. More detail to come about what the notes will entail when we meet in class tomorrow.

English 9 & 11:

The focus of our reading and writing throughout 3rd quarter is memoir. We will start second semester by reading short memoirs, and writing our own. This small unit will be followed by a larger one in which we conduct small research projects and read a lengthier memoir by Elie Wiesel about his experience in a concentration camp during World War II. Aside from reading and writing memoirs of your own, we will continue to practice the skills in the Language! books beginning with Unit 34. Most of our work will surround grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and short writing assignments. Effort will be made to   integrate Language! with our regular unit on memoir when possible.

Monday we will complete a reflection activity–I will ask all students to consider their experiences, including successes and failures during first semester, and then to set goals for second semester. If we have time on Monday, we will also write 6 word memoirs about our experiences over winter break. This will be a low risk way of getting into our unit on memoir.

On Tuesday we will start with L! Unit 34, Lesson 1, and then complete a single piece of the lesson each of the following days of the week.

The main reading focus of the week will be a short memoir by David Raymond, On Being Seventeen, Bright, and Unable to Read in which the author remembers the struggle he went through trying to learn how to read and what it taught him. We will take some time to read aloud, identify vocabulary, and work on the main themes and ideas in Raymond’s writing.


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