E.B. White Syntax Analysis Clarification

After class on Thursday, you were asked to follow up by reading a single paragraph from “Once More to the Lake” and to determine how that paragraph’s syntax accomplishes White’s overall purpose.

Here are the steps to take to complete that task in order to be ready to present to the class:

  1. Sequence the sentence lengths in your paragraph.
  2. Determine WHAT the author’s syntax trend and what he is doing with it, including WHAT is most noticeable about the sequence, including any transitions.
  3. Provide evidence of WHERE he is establishing the trend within the paragraph. Provide text evidence.
  4. Refer directly to the text evidence (WHERE), then explain HOW what the author writes effects the audience and establishes his purpose. (This is the most important part!)

*To complete #’s 3-4 above, I suggest clicking on the AP Language class page on this website and looking at the syntax terms, especially those involving repetition, omission, or parallel structure.

Finally, to merge those 4 moves into one question:

In a well thought-out explanation, determine how E.B. White uses syntax to establish his purpose. In your answer to the class make sure to make the author-audience connection that is required in rhetorical analysis.

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