Week of 1/(13-17) Overview

AP Language & Composition:

Monday we will continue work with E.B. White’s, “Once More to the Lake.” You will have time to work on your final visual of his arrangement, language and purpose in the Arctic Lab. Bring all of your notes and preliminary sketches. You can work alone or with a small group–your choice. On Tuesday you will be expected to bring hard copies of your visual to class so that we can rotate around the room and view them. After the class gets a chance to look at each visual, we will have a final follow up conversation about White’s essay, and how it can be used to inspire your own narrative. The rough draft of your own narrative essay will be due 1/21. I will continue to provide reminders throughout the week.

Wednesday everyone will be required to give a two minute, informal presentation about where they are starting their project, and what type of artifact they are going to create to document their thought process.

Based on the Mock Exam score reports I received yesterday, Wednesday’s structured tutorial will focus on AP-Style Multiple Choice questions.

Thursday you will complete an in-class write to a past AP Rhetorical Analysis prompt. Instead of immediately following this writing with range finders, I would like to conduct a seminar on Friday in which we state the question of the prompt, and then use your written responses from the day before to fully answer both the little and big part of the question. I will ask you to prepare a small reflection on your in class essay on Thursday night so that the discussion on Friday is structured and is directed at the prompt.

English 9/11:

Monday we will start with Unit 33 in the Language! books and then work our way through the rest of lesson 6. The second half of the period will be used to finish “On Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read.” Your questions on the front and back of the handout will be due after our brief discussion. Please take a close look at the longer responses on the back and make sure you have answered them with detail from the story.

We will transition from Raymond’s short memoir to another short memoir about learning to read and write by Sherman Alexie. The memoir is entitled “Superman and Me” in reference to how Sherman Alexie learned how to read and understand his world through a Superman Comic. We will look at Alexie’s memoir much in the same way we looked at Raymond’s, paying attention to the arrangement and the big events that make up his challenge with reading.

Following Alexie, I will ask all students to write their own short memoir using the ideas we have gained from both Raymond and Alexie’s essays. You may choose any memory for your memoir, but I will also provide everyone with a prompt, if you don’t have an outside idea or don’t want to necessarily make that choice. See you tomorrow.

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