1/(21-24) Overview

AP Language and Composition:

Tomorrow’s class period will be devoted to peer editing your narrative essays. Please bring at least 2 printed copies to class so that you can get feedback from two of your peers. I will provide the peer editing sheets to you at the beginning of class. I will also hand out a reading packet on Process Analysis, which is the next pattern of arrangement we will cover. You will be asked to read and take notes for a quiz on Wednesday.

After Wednesday’s quiz on P/A, we will start reading Frederick Douglass in your 50 Essays. The excerpt from his autobiography is brief and serves as an ideal example of pre-20th century prose. We will conduct an interrupted reading of his first few paragraphs in class and then release you to finish taking notes. On Thursday, we will start the period with a set of MC questions on Douglass’s writing. The goal is to finish Douglass on Thursday and begin discussing Sherman Alexie’s essay, which you will need to have read for class on Friday.

*The final draft of your narrative essay will be due on Friday at the beginning of class.

English 9 & 11

This week we are going to go through the writing process to write, edit, and revise your student memoir. Please have your pre-writing graphic done by the time you get to class tomorrow. Tuesday and Wednesday will be drafting days in class. I will expect most of the writing to get done while you are in class and have the chance to ask me clarifying questions. The goal will be to peer edit on Thursday, and then turn in a final draft the following week.

Each day this week we will also cover one aspect of the Language unit. This should take no longer than 15-20 minutes each day, leaving you with most of the period to write, edit, and revise your memoir.

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