1/(27-31) Overview

AP Language & Composition:

We will spend this week finishing the Process Analysis pattern unit. You will need to read Malcolm X’s literacy narrative in your 50 Essays and complete an E/I Chart or a single rhetorical analysis paragraph for class on Monday. Please pay special attention to the basic arrangement of his essay and then move to a more detailed understanding of his language and purpose. These are the same 3 moves required of any rhetorical analysis task.

We will finish the pattern by reading Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me” which is a brief literacy narrative from the Native American perspective. Aim to have this read and the response in your notebook by Wednesday’s class. 

The plan for Thursday and Friday is to conduct an in class write and then to debrief it, as we have the past two Fridays. Again, your Process/Analysis rough draft will be due for peer editing on Monday, February 3rd.

English 9/11

Your memoirs are due on Monday. Please have your final draft copy, your pre-writing, and your peer editing sheet to turn in together. After turning in your memoir, we will cover the last portions of Unit 33 in the Language! books and move on to your research assignment on the Holocaust.

I will provide you with a handout outlining the 3 part process we will follow to complete the assignment. The entire thing is worth 100 points and will count as a significant percentage of your first quarter grade. We will use the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website to complete your small research projects. The website is a great source of information on the all aspects of World War II and the Holocaust. Here’s a LINK to the site and a hyperlinked list of topics, if you want to get a head start. 

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