Week of 2/(3-7) WACKO

AP Language and Composition:

Monday’s class will be singularly devoted to peer editing your process essays. Please bring at least two printed copies to class. I will provide the peer editing sheets.

Tuesday you will have a short quiz on the Example packet I handed out last Friday. This will mark the start of the third pattern of arrangement for the semester. We will read several essays from the Example section of  50 Essays, ending with Barbara Ascher’s On Compassion. You will base your own Example essay on her arrangement and be asked to develop an essay based on your own abstract topic.

Here’s a list of the essays we’ll start reading on Tuesday to learn about the Example pattern and to practice analysis:

  1. Ain’t I a Woman, Sojourner Truth
  2. What is Poverty? Jo Goodwin Parker (Not in 50 Essays)
  3. The Ends of the World as we Know Them, Jared Diamond
  4. The Men we Carry in our Minds, Scott Russell Sanders
  5. On Compassion, Barbara Lazear Ascher

For each of the essays above, you will need to respond in writing in your notebook; you will be awarded participation credit based on your effort.

English 9/11

Monday we will begin a new Language! Unit and attempt to get through the first half of the first lesson. Any time remaining will be provided for completing your research notes on your Holocaust topic. The notes are due on Tuesday; so, anything left undone will need to be finished for homework.

Once we have had a brief discussion about your research notes and answered any questions, we will move on to designing your presentations. The presentations will be due on Thursday. This means we will deliver your presentations on Thursday and Friday. I will have a sign up sheet for you all to select a presentation slot.

During your presentation you will be asked to share the basic: who, what, when, where details about your topic, and then, more importantly, why is the event important to understanding the Holocaust and World War II. I will provide you with an additional handout to structure you presentation on Tuesday.

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