Week of 2/(10-13) + Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday afternoon & evening. I encourage all parents and students to attend.

AP Language & Composition:

Please make sure you have responded to Scott Russell Sanders’ essay “The Men We Carry in our Minds” by tomorrow’s class period. If you were not in class on Friday and did not get the assignment, please refer to the Twitter feed at the right to see a picture of the assignment I put on the board.

The other essay we will address this week will be Barbara Ascher’s “On Compassion” on which you will base your Example essay. We’ll spend both Tuesday and Wednesday deconstructing her essay so that you fully understand how she uses arrangement, language, and examples to make the abstract idea of compassion concrete. As a result of the reading and analysis you will be asked to write your own Example essay using her exact structure, but choosing your own abstract idea to make concrete. The rough draft of this essay will be due 2/18 after you return from the long weekend.

Please also DO NOT forget to work on your final project–you will be responsible for providing an update to the class on Wednesday, 2/19.

English 9/11

Monday and Tuesday we will devote to presenting your short Holocaust research projects. Please make sure you have shared your presentation or a link to a prezi so we can easily transition between each student.  Tomorrow I will ask each student to draw a number out of the hat to determine in what order the presentations will be given.

Wednesday we will formally begin Elie Wiesel’s book, Night. Before getting into the reading, we will finish parts 3 and 4 of Oprah’s interview with Wiesel, as they tour Auschwitz.

As this is a shorter week than normal, we will have to cover a small part of the Language! unit each day.

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