Semester II Project Update Guidelines

On Wednesday you should be prepared to provide the class with an update on your Semester II Final Project. I would suggest preparing some notes on your project, using the following questions to format your notes:

  1. What have you been reading/watching/listening to in brief?
  2. What were the BIG ideas, themes, & subjects in each?
  3. What did they make you think?
  4. What connections to your background knowledge did you make?
  5. What questions do you have as a result? What do you intend to pursue next?

Here’s the prompt for your final letter, if it helps contextualize the above questions:

  • Synthesize the elements of your project in order to establish the key insights and connections you made throughout your reading, watching, and listening. Make sure to incorporate brief excerpts from what you read, watched & listened to, to provide evidence to support your insights & connections.

*If you have questions about the above post, please bring them to class. I will build in time on Tuesday to answer questions.

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