Week of 2/(18-21) Overview

As this is a short week, I’m going to provide a short version of this week’s schedule:

AP Language & Composition:

Tuesday: Bring questions about the semester 2 project & 2 printed copies of your example essay–modeled on Ascher’s–for peer editing.

Wednesday: Project update in small groups, then as a whole class. Refer to previous post for suggestions on how to structure your quick update.

Thursday: Substitute & a set of MC questions from a past AP Exam–for a grade. The purpose of this MC set is to tie into a future project where groups will break down an entire excerpt and present questions/answers to the class.

Friday: Substitute & an in-class rhetorical analysis essay, most likely pre-20th century prose. We will go over range finders and score them on Monday.

English 9/11:

We are going to properly start Elie Wiesel’s Night this week. Please bring your homework on the Preface to class tomorrow and be prepared to discuss your answers.

Since this is a short week, we are going to split it into a Language! Lesson and then tie the memoir in throughout the week as well. We have some catching up to do in the L! book since we devoted so much time to your mini research projects. While this might not be the most exciting activity, it will provide you all with a chance to earn some quick points toward your overall grade.

As we progress through Night, I will provide you with a reading activity for each section. Completing these activities to the best of your ability will ensure that you gain the needed points to maintain a high grade or recover from some missing assignments from the first part of second semester. Be disciplined in your approach to reading and writing and you will be rewarded with a higher grade at book’s end.


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