February 24-28 Overview

AP Language & Composition:

It has been a while since our last in-class write; so, we’re going to begin the week with a Synthesis Question. You won’t be writing your response to the question in class, but we will divide the sources amongst small groups and ask each group to provide a brief explanation of its point of view. You will be responsible for responding to the question in blue or black pen and returning it by Wednesday.

Tuesday & Wednesday will be used to read your Example essays aloud. To that end, please share your essay on Google Docs so I have a copy to follow while you are reading aloud. I will provide you with the rubric on Monday in class. On Tuesday you will also be given the reading packet on the Definition pattern. You should take notes on it and be prepared for a  quiz on Thursday.

Instead of relying on 50 Essays to read model Definition essays, we are going to use NPR’s This I Believe series to guide your writing. What this means is that you will be writing a belief statement for your Definition essay. The link to NPR’s information about this type of essay is linked: HERE.

Thursday, after the Definition quiz, and Friday, we will take a closer look at the model essays on NPR’s website, listen to some of them, and then do a small group assignment in which each group will choose a model essay and then explain how it is crafted and how it fits the provided guidelines.

English 9/11

You should have gotten through page 39 of Elie Wiesel’s Night by the time you arrive in class tomorrow. Please be prepared to turn in your latest reading responses. Since you got a head start on the Language! unit at the end of last week, we will continue to move through it and try to finish the next lesson in the book by week’s end. This is the last 5 day week before Spring Break so we need to take advantage of the time to get some work done.

As such, each day will be divided into a L! lesson and then some follow up discussion on your reading, as we move through Wiesel’s memoir. As you’ve likely figured out by now, you will be required to read 10 pages per night and respond to the content on the handouts I provide.

Please keep each of these handouts as they are returned to you–they will be VERY helpful on the final exam, where you will be writing about his book as a whole. I imagine by book’s end, you will have between 10-12 handouts that are organized chronologically by page number and which follow the main ideas in the book.

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