March 3rd through 6th

AP Language & Composition:

Our objective this week will be to read the belief statements you bring to class tomorrow, deconstruct them–paying attention to their pattern of arrangement, language use, and how they meet the guidelines. We will then to transition to writing your own 350-500 word statement using the ideas you gathered from the model statement you selected.

Tomorrow, I will ask you to write a brief precis on your belief statement, and then answer some specific questions about its overall structure and language use. We’ll discuss how the authors develop their belief without condescension, preaching, or negativity.

Then, on Wednesday, you will be asked to teach your table group about the belief statement you chose, placing special emphasis on what the author does to develop his or her belief and what ideas can be taken from them to use in each group member’s statement. The objective will be to give your group a clear & concise analysis of the author’s development and what they could use to write their own statement. After sharing the statements within the small group, your table group will be required to report your findings to the whole class so that we can collectively develop a strategy list to employ on the drafting days.

Wednesday & Thursday will be devoted to drafting your statement. The purpose of devoting two full class days to drafting is to allow you to focus on your semester project over break, instead of worrying about having an essay written for the following Monday.

English 9/11:

We will finish Night this week, and start the process of writing about it. Please make sure to keep track of the daily assignment so that you can use them both on the final essay and on the final exam, which is only 1 quarter away.

There are approximately 3 reading assignments left, and all work will be due no later than in class on Thursday. Those students who have missed class or who have simply not finished the work will be required to do so no later than Thursday because I will accept no Quarter 3 work past that date, as grades are due before Spring Break.

As usual, we will continue our work in the Language! books.

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