This I Believe Discussion

Tomorrow I will visit each table group to discuss both the analysis of your model statements and the strategies you have identified to begin writing your own.

Here are the basic questions I will use to lend some structure to our brief discussions. Please consider them as you respond to the prompt and strategy directions on the handout I gave you today:

  1. How does each of the author’s experiences or observations make the belief statement concrete? (Choose 1 to discuss in depth)
  2. What type of language does the author use to make the belief clearer? (This might include imagery, description, analogy, amongst others)
  3. What strategies did you find in the author’s statement that will be useful to writing your own belief statement?
  4. What are you planning to write your belief statement about & how do you plan to develop it?
  5. What challenges are you facing when considering development of your own statement?

In synthesis essay news,

The essays are almost graded. The range finders are linked HERE. They are a 9/5/1 respectively. I am prepared to offer any student a chance to revise one of his or her body paragraphs. The revision will need to be hand written in blue or black ink on your own paper, in less than one page. We can talk details tomorrow.

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