March 17th – 21st

AP Language & Composition:

Tomorrow we will peer edit the belief statements you began writing Thursday & Friday before spring break. Please bring 2 printed copies of your work, with the total word count at the top of the document. The total should fall between 350-500.

Tomorrow I will also provide you with a reading packet on Division, which will be the next pattern we study. It is a crucial pattern to understand in order to be successful when writing rhetorical analysis. Your notes on the packet should be prepared for a quiz on Friday.

You will need to share your belief statement with me on Google Documents before Wednesday. We will read the statements in class on Wednesday and Thursday; be prepared to sign up for a reading slot on Monday during peer editing.

Since Tuesday will be a transition day, we will take the opportunity to work on sample multiple choice questions. Plan on completing 2 sample reading sections and their accompanying questions.

English 9/11

We just finished Night; now it is time to write your final analysis essay on the book. You will be asked to find text evidence from the book and to write a complete essay on the following introductory information & prompt:

In Elie Wiesel’s heart wrenching memoir, Night, the author recounts his memory of being deported from his home in Sighet to several different prison camps, where most of the people he meets do not survive their imprisonment.

Even though the author is not a physically strong individual, he does survive to tell his story.

In a well-organized essay, explain why Elie Wiesel survived deportation and imprisonment where other, stronger men and women did not. Use text evidence to support your explanation.

We will pre-write on Monday and then use time in class to write and revise your essay. Alongside the writing process, we will continue to cover the material in the Language! books.

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