March 24-28

AP Language & Composition:

Counselors will be visiting each class on Monday to share information about signing up for the AP exam, which will occur the morning of May 9th. The NMSI grant is paying for half of the fee to take the test; so, you will only need to pay 44.50 to take the test–the cheapest college credit you’ll ever get.

After the counselors are through, we will start the week with a discussion of Mike Rose’s essay, I Just Wanna Be Average. Although the essay is easy to read, it does have some subtle complexity, on which we’ll focus.

Throughout the rest of the week we will be reading the 3 other division essays, including Amy Tan, Stephanie Ericsson, and Judith Ortiz Cofer, who write about language barriers, lying, and ethnic stereotypes respectively. In each essay you will have the chance to look at different ways of breaking apart and analyzing a central subject.

Please begin to consider the subject of your own division essay–the rough draft will be due a week from Monday, on March 31st, just before testing begins and you are given work days for your project.

English 9/11

Monday will be your final day to compose your Night essays. I will review writing the conclusion to your essay and then you will be given the vast majority of the period to write a rough draft to print for Tuesday’s peer editing. Once the peer editing is completed in class on Tuesday, you will be given a day to make changes and the final essay will be due on Thursday.

The next unit in the class is based on the drama genre. We will be reading/listening to and discussing Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. The play should take us to the end of the year, and allow us just enough time to prepare for your final exam, which will require you to write two open ended essays.

This week we will also attempt to get through Unit 34, Lesson 5 of Language! This lesson includes the short assessments on the spelling and grammar concepts we have been reviewing throughout the past two weeks.


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