March 31 to April 4

AP Language & Composition

It’s testing week, which means I will only see you for Monday and Friday’s classes on a regular schedule and once throughout Tuesday-Thursday. As such, we will use Monday to peer edit your division essays–please bring 2 hard copies to class.

Tuesday (period 1), Wednesday (period 3, 4), Thursday (period 5) will be dedicated to your semester projects. Please bring your journal, books, and any other material to work on your project. This will also be a good time for me to visit tables and get a quick update from each student on the general progress of the project, then address any questions.

Friday your Division essays will be due in final draft form via Google Docs. Please share your essay with me before school on Friday so that I can organize them into their constituent digital folders.

During Friday’s class we are required to cover a mini-unit on cyberbullying from the iSafe materials required to insure future funding for school technology. We will watch clips from PBS Frontline documentaries and begin to discuss the implications of this issue in our own school and beyond.

English 9/11

Tomorrow we will finish watching Swing Kids and you will be asked to respond to the 2 questions on the handout/note-taking sheet I gave you before the movie began.

Since this is testing week and we have a disrupted schedule, we will focus on and attempt to catch up on the Language! material in your purple books, then begin the new unit on decisions and consequences, using Oedipus Rex, next week. This will also give me time to grade your final essays on Night, which should have been shared in final draft form on Google Docs by last Friday.

In total, we will meet as a class Monday, Thursday, Friday, with Monday & Friday being regular class days.

Friday we have to complete a mini-unit on cyberbullying, the same as the one mentioned above. You will be asked to write a short response to the material in the documentaries.


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