April 14th to April 18th

AP Language & Composition:

After a long weekend traveling with the soccer team to Juneau, and having finished all of 4th and 5th period’s division essays, I’ll keep this concise.

Monday: Write a precise summary of Annie Dillard’s argument in her essay “Seeing.” Then, list at least 4 pieces of evidence that supports it. Prepare any questions you have on the 2002 Form B Prompt.

Tuesday: Bring 2 hard copies of your first draft analysis of the 2002 Form B Rhetorical Analysis prompt you received last Friday. We will peer edit during class.

Wednesday: In support of your analysis of Julius Caesar, we will analyze 2 speeches by Henry IV. After school tutorial will address any remaining questions about the Form B response. I will review the arrangement of analysis and then entertain questions.

Thursday: Again, to support your analysis of Decius & Calphurnia’s arguments, we will take a close look at how Lady Macbeth appeals to her husband to convince him to assassinate Duncan and claim the kingship for himself. She’s sinister–get ready. This practice will get closest to the husband/wife relationship in Caesar.

Friday: Julius Caesar analysis DUE in hard copy in the assigned format. No late essays accepted. No exceptions. We will practice Multiple Choice in class.

English 9/11

Monday we will continue reading Oedipus Rex, paying close attention to the 4 areas on your 4 square handout, and tracking his decision making.

You should have Act II/Ode II completed by the time you get to class so that we can review the finer details. Once we’ve finished discussion, you will be given time to work on ActIII/Ode III. Remember, each 4 square handout is worth 20 points for a total of 120 by the end of the play. By the end of this week we should be close to the end of the play and prepared to start working on a short writing assignment analyzing how Oedipus’ decisions profoundly shaped his life.

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