April 21st to April 25th

AP Language & Composition:

At the outset, here’s some advice from John Wooden which should apply to what you do in the next three weeks preceding the exam,

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

This week is synthesis interval week. You will write a synthesis response on Monday and Wednesday, assess your own writing on Tuesday and Thursday, then decide which of the two responses you would like to turn in for a grade. 

If you want to do some preparation, I would suggest the following:

  1. First, look over your past synthesis responses. Then, plan how to strategically improve your responses this week.
  2. Next, look at my past post: Synthesis Moves that Matter, and review what it takes to write a strong synthesized argument.
  3. Then, read this article: Six Moves Toward Success from the College Board’s website about how what you can do to develop a strong researched argument under time pressure.
  4. Finally, bring a blue or black pen that is comfortable to write with because I won’t accept anything not written in blue or black. At this point, you must practice how you’re going to play on exam day!

English 9/11

We will use Monday to finish your approach papers on Oedipus Rex. Since the play marks the last type of literature you must read in this year’s sequence, we have a little bit of room to make choices about what we will read and discuss in the last 4 weeks of school.

I am leaning toward a brief review of The Odyssey including some work with how Odysseus’s decisions affect both his and his men’s lives throughout the epic poem. Homer’s epic poem provides the foundation for most Western literature and it will help your ability to understand just about anything you’ll have to read in future English classes.

We will include film study in this mini unit, in which we watch the Tim Burton film Big Fish, which uses the structure of epic poetry to tell the story of a Southern man named Edward Bloom and his life’s adventures. Again, we would also address how Edward’s decisions led to consequences later in his life. It’s a nice modern take on the ancient form of epic poetry channeled through Hollywood.

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