May 5th to May 9th

AP Language & Composition:

On Monday you will write your final in-class essay in response to an open argument question. I would suggest using a chart, like the one on the white board last week, to consider evidence and do some marginal planning for your essay. We will look at range finders and score your responses on Tuesday.

You will have both Wednesday and Thursday’s class periods to work on your final project. Assuming you have the content to write, I would suggest planning and composing your final letter to me–this will give you a chance to ask questions as they arise. The green sheet I handed out last Monday would be a good resource to bring, along with your journal, notes, and any technology you want to use in addition to the laptops available in my room.

Friday, May 9th, is the AP Language test; so, I will only see periods 4 & 5 in our normal class time. Feel free to come to my room to eat after the test. I imagine it will be near the end of our normal lunch time when you finish.

English 9 & 11:

We will spend Monday & Tuesday finishing The Alchemist. Since we spent Thursday and Friday of last week finishing your language testing for the year, we will have a good deal of discussion about the events and plot development in the last two reading assignments, in addition to the one you are preparing for tomorrow.

Once we finish the book, we will complete an activity to map Santiago’s quest, and then you will be asked to write a short response to the prompt on your bookmark. Along with the brief response, I am going to ask each of you to also create a visual representation of the quest mimicking the one on your bookmark. The two assignments go hand in hand and will be a good exercise to complete before we watch a film example, which uses the quest structure.

As a final assignment to assess your understanding, we will watch Tim Burton’s film, Big Fish, which also serves as a modern example of the Quest structure we have been talking about throughout our unit with The Alchemist. After watching, part of your final exam will require you to write brief analysis of the film and how its characters and sequence align with the adventure which Santiago embarks upon in the book.

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