May 12th to May 16th

AP Language & Composition:

It is presentation week. I will present my project to you on Monday and then you will each draw a number to determine the order in which you present your projects.

Here’s a LINK to my presentation for reference.

You’ll have a chance to ask any final questions about your presentation and make some small adjustments during the class period if needed.

English 9/11:

You will be given a short amount of time during the class period to finish your answers to the 3 questions I gave you last week over The Alchemist. You need to print a hard copy and turn it in with your graphic organizer.

After turning your answers in, we will watch Big Fish, as a final story that uses the structure of a quest to tell Edward Bloom’s story. It’s a popular Tim Burton movie and it will give everyone a final chance to earn some points before we start preparing for the final exam.

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