4 To Go: May 19th to May 22nd

AP Language & Composition:

Monday and Tuesday we will finish the last of the final projects. First period has 8 to go, third period has 3 to go, and fourth period has 5 to go.

Your final exam period will be spent writing a course evaluation. I will share the questions via Google Docs, then ask you to copy and paste them to a new document in which you answer them using specific detail from your past assignments and essays, and then share it with me. The crucial part will be making sure it is shared–(.net is the proper extension for my sharing name.)

Please bring all of the handouts, past essays, assignment sheets, and other course content on the day of the final so you have specific material with which to support your suggestions for next year’s AP Language class.

English 9 & 11:

Tomorrow I will give you a copy of the two final essays, which you will be responsible for writing during the final exam period on Thursday. We will spend Monday prewriting and planning for #1 and Tuesday prewriting & planning for #2.

Assuming you are present and following along the first two days of class this week, you should have a well designed set of notes to write the essays. The essays themselves will be written on Google Docs and shared with me.



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