3 Questions & 4 Moves of Rhetorical Analysis

Here are some suggestions as you start thinking about how to write the Banneker analysis essay:

Mr. Almon

Based on our visual analysis of E.B. White’s “Once More to the Lake”, here are the three questions and the four moves to answer any rhetorical analysis task:

Three Questions:

  1. What is the author doing with language?
  2. Where in the arrangement of the essay is he/she doing it (text evidence)?
  3. How does the authors arrangement & language accomplish a central purpose/meaning/effect?

Four Moves:

  1. Break the author’s/text’s arrangement into 2-4 major parts.
  2. Determine what type of language is used in each major part.
  3. Determine how the language in each part is related. Use these relationships to write topic sentences and transitions in your analysis.
  4. Explain how the parts of the arrangement and the language therein work in unison to accomplish an overarching purpose/meaning/effect.

Thinking through a piece of text using these 3 questions and 4 moves will increase your chances of earning a 7-8-9 on an open response question or any…

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