English 4 Personal Reading History

Today we are going to begin class with a TED talk by Lisa Bu. In her talk, Bu discusses the inestimable impact books have had and continue to have on her life. In other words, she remembers her reading history and its overall importance to her worldview.

As you are watching the video, which is approximately 6 minutes, I would like you to answer the following two questions in your notebook:

  1. What is Lisa Bu’s reading history, including what she has read, how she reads?
  2. Why is Bu’s reading history so important to her? How has it affected her life? 

After watching the video and giving you time to write answers, we will have a brief discussion of the clip and then I will ask you all to remember the most important moments in your reading history by filling out a timeline of your past experiences.

As a final activity, we will read an article from the New York Times which recalls Cathleen Schine’s experience as a reader once she arrived at graduate school at the University of Chicago and felt illiterate.

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