August 25th to August 29

AP Language

On Monday we are going to read and label the parts of each of your essay responses to Banneker and De Botton. The goal is to visualize how each part of the essay works together. I will also hand out the 9 point rubric so that students can score their essays. On Tuesday, we will spend the day finishing up the activities from Monday and providing in class time to revise the original drafts of the essays. Ideally this in class time can be used to get some one on one questions answered and to improve on the overall score you gave your essays on Monday.  The final drafts of the essays will be due on Wednesday at the beginning of class. 

With the introductory writing done, we will spend the rest of the week learning the three appeals and Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle. To give students background information on each concept I will provide questions on each topic along with credible websites to use to answer them, then we will apply the concepts in class with sample essays, speeches, and visual materials. Keep an eye on this website for the questions and links. 

On Wednesday we will look at three excerpts from famous speeches to see how the three appeals can be applied. Then, we will take a more extended look at Sojourner Truth’s speech “Aint I a Woman” which is located in your 50 Essays. After breaking Truth’s speech down with appeals, I will ask students to write about how she establishes the appeals and strengthens her overall effect on the audience. We will discuss whether you would like to write these paragraphs individually or work on developing paragraph structure in smaller groups. 

English 4

Monday we will meet in the Timber Lab to compose your Personal Reading Histories. Remember, there are two basic parts to the essay: 1) Tell a story about a significant memory you have of reading, being read to, or involving books. 2) Explain the importance of the experience to your life. You should do this in 1-2 pages, as the assignment sheet suggested. You will need to bring two printed copies of your essay to class on Tuesday for peer editing. The final essay will be due on Wednesday at the beginning of class. 

On Wednesday we will begin exploring the theme of good and evil. To do so, we will complete an in class activity which asks students to work together to identify concrete examples of the abstract concept of good and evil. By the end of class, we should have a working definition. You will then be assigned to read “On Compassion” and to apply the definition of good and evil we arrived at in class. We will also read an essay called “On Morality” and apply the same definition. The purpose of reading these essays will be to gather ideas to write about an experience you have had which informs your view of good and evil. Reading the two essays and writing a response should take us into the following week, September 1-5.

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