September 2nd to September 5th

AP Language and Composition:

9/2: Tomorrow I will introduce your semester 1 project and answer any questions you have. We’ll also spend a little bit of time talking about the pacing of the project and how the blog is going to work as a mechanism to track your reading & note taking before your final presentation. I will also provide a handout to structure the posts you will publish on your blogs. Please read over the project, located HERE

9/3: Project blog building day! Familiarize yourself with the WordPress platform and determine what you will name your blog (stick to a name that will represent your ideas and personality well.) I will collect everyone’s blog address in order to provide feedback and to track your progress throughout first semester.

9/4: Fallacies Quiz! To begin class we will have a brief discussion focusing on what you learned about fallacies. This will also give everyone a chance to ask any final questions. If time permits, we will look at an example of fallacies as used in poor arguments in a piece by Dave Barry. First structured tutorial after school 2.15-3.15.

9/5: As a follow up to the fallacies quiz, we will look at advertisements and practice analyzing how the advertiser uses fallacies to distract their intended customers from the actual merits of the product in order to get them to buy into the product’s image instead of its quality–this concept is covered well in the How Not to be Bamboozled piece in the last post. Visual analysis will help everyone when they begin analyzing visual arguments as part of the synthesis open response question. For class next week I will ask everyone to complete a brief assignment over the weekend to learn about satire, which will lead to reading A Modest Proposal, a sterling example of classical argument & satire.

English 4:

9/2: Tomorrow I will ask each student to respond to a writing prompt based on Joan Didion’s essay, On Morality. I will provide 20 minutes to write and then follow the writing with discussion. After we settle on a common understanding of the prompt and discuss paragraph structure, I will ask students to get into groups of 3-4 and begin planning for writing a revised paragraph based on everyone’s ideas a represented in their independent writing. (We’ll be lucky if we fit all this into one class period!)

9/3: Wednesday’s class period will be a continuation of Tuesday’s, but primarily focused on giving groups time to plan and write their paragraphs. Depending on how much progress we make in the first two days of class, groups may be given Thursday’s class to finish their paragraphs and to finalize any revision that is necessary.

9/4: Thursday will most likely be a class period to finalize group paragraphs and to ask me any final questions. I can also take a quick look at each group’s work & give final writing suggestions.

9/5: Reading day. All groups will need to bring at least 3 printed copies of their paragraph to share with the class. I will ask all students to walk around the room, read each group’s paragraph and give each group feedback on their writing based on a rubric I will provide. As students provide feedback, I will grade each group’s paragraph and everyone should have a final grade by the end of the period. The next portion of the morality unit will be a short research project, which we will begin in earnest on Monday 9/8.

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