Weekly Blog Update Format

By September 19th you will be responsible for posting a weekly final project update on your blog. I will award points for updates through mid-November; so I would suggest reading enough of your book per week to complete the entire book by late October, then start addressing outside sources on your blog.

No matter how you divide the book and outside sources, you will need to follow the 5 part summation outlined below. These weekly updates will eventually be used to write your final essay & give your final presentation.

Follow the format below to post project updates to your blog. These updates should be approximately 1 paragraph in this format:

  • Title your blog post with the chapter number(s) and chapter title(s) (if there is a title.)
  • Provide a one sentence summary of the author’s claim in the section you read. This should read like the thesis statements we have been writing for rhetorical analysis and include how the section is structured to deliver the author’s claim and purpose.
  • Provide a one sentence summary of the evidence the author uses to support his/her claim. This should address the general type of evidence and include some specific detail to introduce the text evidence in the next bullet.
  • Provide a key quote or passage the author used as evidence for his or her claim. This should be word for word with a page number included. It can be a single line or an entire passage, depending on how important you believe the section is to your response.
  • Explain the argument represented in the quote and respond with your own point of view, including what exactly you agree, somewhat agree, or disagree with. This is where your voice needs to take over from merely summarizing.
  • Here is a helpful template for writing the above paragraph.

*This format is meant to force you to objectively state the author’s claim and evidence and then respond to the author’s argument. This is the same basic structure of the final essay and presentation.

*Each of your updates will be scored based on the quality of the writing and the depth of the ideas based on the 9 point rubric.

I will read the posts on the Monday following each week so that you have a full 7 days to write on your blog. After I check on Monday, I will not award credit for late posts; so, your writing must be punctual or there will be no credit awarded.

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3 Responses to Weekly Blog Update Format

  1. sierraperry says:

    Is this the format we should use for our post that’s due on Friday?

    • Mr. Almon says:

      Nope, the 4 part structure for the project overview is under 9/12 in the post including the overview of this week’s schedule. It is numbered 1-4. If you can’t find it tonight, let me know, and I can show you tomorrow in person. Onward!

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