Brief Satire Research (Due Monday 9/8)

Please use credible resources to find answers to the following questions and prompts so that you are prepared to discuss example satirical work when you arrive in class on Monday, September 8th. You will also need to start bringing your copy of 50 Essays next week. We will eventually read both Dave Barry’s Turkeys in the Kitchen & Swift’s Modest Proposal.

Address the following in your notebook by Monday:

  1. Define satire. Include the 3 major types and their characteristics.
  2. What is the purpose of satire? How does it differ from parody, caricature, and other forms of humor?
  3. Provide a historical example and a modern example of satire. Explain what is satiric about each, including what overall purpose each author or speaker had in mind.
  4. What are the most common language devices or rhetorical choices used when developing satirical content.
  5. Find examples of the devices you listed above in #4 in Dave Barry’s essay Turkeys in the Kitchen, Page 72, then write a paragraph in which you explain how the author uses one or more of these devices in order to make a larger point in his essay.
  • Please type this paragraph and be prepared to hand it in on Monday after we discuss the essay–it will be worth 20 points by itself, in addition to the points you will receive for having 1-4 complete in your notebook.Satire

After you have finished this brief assignment, you should have the following content listed in your notebook’s table to contents w/ page numbers:

  • The 3 appeals & the rhetorical triangle
  • Fallacies
  • Satire

*You will need all this information as we begin reading and analyzing satire and other forms of argument in your book. Onward!

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