September 8th to September 12th

AP Language & Composition

9/8: The satire notes and the Dave Barry analysis paragraph are due on Monday. A note on format: 12 point Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced with your name as a header in the upper right.  

We will use your notes and the separate paragraph to work through Dave Barry’s satire and to determine his larger purpose in writing the essay. For Wednesday 9/10 you will need to have read Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal in 50 Essays or a printed copy from this LINK. I will provide guidelines for how to respond in your notebook.

9/9: Tuesday we will spend the period looking at a multiple choice passage from a past AP Exam. The subject of the passage is the nature of satire; so, it will fit with our current focus in class. You will have 12-15 questions to answer based on a short passage, then I will let you review answers with your peers before handing the answers in to me. After all answers are handed in, we will go over the section as a group. (Make sure to read Swift for 9/10.)

9/10: We will start looking at Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal by using argument structures to deconstruct his argument. For the most part he followed a Classical arrangement. So, we’ll begin looking at how his argument progresses with this arrangement in mind. I will also introduce Toulmin argument, which is a more contemporary adaptation of Classical argument. You will be able to use either structure in your own version of a Modest Proposal in 500 words or less.

9/11: We will continue looking at Swift’s essay and start to plan your own Modest Proposals. You will write a satire of your own, which critiques some human folly you see in your own life, and suggest a change for the better. Remember satire’s purpose is to make positive change, not just to get a cheap laugh. These will be delivered orally to the class. I will ask that everyone have a first draft of their satire for peer editing on Monday, 9/15 & the final reading will most likely take place 9/17. You can put these dates as tentative in your notebook calendar.

9/12: Project Pitch Day. Post a new entry to your blog addressing your project, which includes the following:

  1. What led to your interest in this topic?
  2. What is the issue you are reading about? Provide background detail.
  3. What are the potential arguments to be made in response to the issue?
  4. What kind of outside resources do you plan to use to learn more about the issue?

English 4:

9/8: We are going to spend Monday reviewing the major parts of argument since you will have to research and then argue how a historical figure is either good, evil or in between. I will provide each student with visual representation of argument arrangement; then, we will practice using it before we go to the library for two days to provide time to research.

9/9-10: Library research days. I will require each student to collect at least 3 sources on the historical figure and submit a completed bibliography to me by the end of class in the library on Wednesday. You can also use this time to begin designing your visual aid. We will also sign up for presentation times by the end of the day 9/10.

9/11: Visual aid building day. I will ask all students to come prepared with their research to put together an organized visual to use in their presentation. You may use Prezi or a Google Presentation. I would like you to share the link to your presentation with me no later than Friday morning.

9/12: Presentations begin. There are between 20-25 students in each of my English 4 classes; so, that means there should be approximately 8 presentations per day. We will plan on starting presentations on Friday then continuing through the following week. If you sign up for a time to present and are absent, you will be required to write a 3-4 page researched argument instead and will lose your presentation slot.

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