September 15th to September 19th Homecoming Week

AP Language & Composition:

9.15: Monday you will peer edit your modest proposals. Please print two hard copies to bring to class to share with two peer editors. I will provide a revision checklist for everyone to use when reviewing essays. This will also provide a chance for me to read portions of your essays if you would like. I will also read my own modest proposal to you before peer editing.

9.16-17: Tuesday will be your first in-class timed write. Make sure to bring a blue or black pen on Tuesday and the analysis handout I gave you last week, if you want to refer to it as you write.  I would also suggest looking at your Barry paragraph and Banneker essay, as these are both examples of rhetorical analysis–read them and make a plan to improve on those efforts.

On Wednesday we will spend the period grading your essays by looking at two student models, discussing their contents, labeling them and debating about their strengths and weaknesses. Everyone will give their own essays a score and justification before handing it in by the end of the period.

9.18-19: Both Thursday and Friday will be spent reading your modest proposals to the class. You will need to bring a revised hard copy from which to read. If you would like to share a copy of your essay with me, please do so via Google Docs:

English 4

9.15-16: All of Monday’s class and some of Tuesday’s class will be spent finishing your researched argument presentations. Please be prepared to present and share your visual aid with me if you have not already done so.

9.17: Wednesday we will start our approach to Shakespeare’s Macbeth by watching a film called Shakespeare Uncovered. This should provide some helpful context as we start to consider how Shakespeare wrote his plays and why. Everyone will be responsible for taking notes and then providing a brief written response to the film’s contents.

9.18: Thursday we will take a look at the concept of a Tragic Hero, which is the role Macbeth fills in the play. There are many examples in modern culture of heroes who have the best intentions, but fall victim to their own inherent flaws. This concept probably sounds familiar because many of your researched historical figures follow the same pattern. I will have some YouTube clips and brief questions to introduce the concept.

9.19: Since Friday’s class will be shortened for Homecoming activities, leaving us with only 45 minutes of class, I am going to ask all students to complete a guided research assignment. The purpose of the assignment will be to learn background information necessary to understanding Macbeth, which we will begin reading on Monday, 9/22.

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