September 22nd to September 26th

AP Language & Composition:

9/22: During periods 3 & 5 we will finish reading modest proposals. In all periods we will begin discussing the model argument I handed out on Thursday, Freshmen Specimen. Please have the brief, three part argument analysis assignment in your notebook by tomorrow’s class period. Also, bring the blue sheet with the Classical & Toulmin Argument structures on it. We will use Toulmin to deconstruct the argument in the article.

9/23-24: Depending on how far we get with Freshmen Specimen on Monday, we will either finish the discussion or move on to The Declaration of Independence which we will spread across two days to further analyze argument structure.  I will break Jefferson’s work into smaller part, allowing us to take an in-depth look at how each part supports his claim.

The first part will be paragraphs 1-2, the introductory & most quoted portions. Then, we will take a look at his reasons, which take up paragraphs 3-20, followed by his concession in 21-22 & his final assertion in paragraph 23.

NOTE: The numbering is off in your book; so, go ahead a number every paragraph from 1-23.

9/25-26: After reading Jefferson’s Declaration, we will take a look at Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s adaptation of it. It is shorter, but important to look at because it relies heavily on the same argumentative reasoning Jefferson used, only this time advocating for women’s independence, not Colonial independence. Since you will have deconstructed Jefferson, you should readily be able to understand how Stanton uses analogy to make a strong case to her audience.

*For both Declarations, I will ask you to complete short assignments in your notebook; these should be kept organized so that I can check them for homework points and so that you can use them when I assign a comparative analysis on both. Keeping your notes in order will allow you to more easily write a response to both pieces.

English 4:

*Here is a LINK to a digital version of Macbeth at MIT. I will also post this on your class page so you can access the play digitally or make copies if you misplace your hard copy.

9/22: Make sure you have shared your Shakespeare Uncovered paragraph with me by Monday morning via Google Docs.

On Monday, I will hand out a hard copy of Act I & a vocabulary list to each student. I will also provide brief directions for keeping track of the characters in the play in your notebook.

The intention of tracking characters is to prepare notes for the final essay on the play, which will require you to write an expository essay on what lesson we should learn from reading the play–this lesson will be taught and explored by paying attention to the characters’: actions, thoughts, reactions, speech, & looks. More on this Monday.

Here’s the reading schedule for Act I for this week:

9/22: Scenes 1-2 in class, then Scene 3 (165 lines) for Tuesday

9/23: Scenes 4-5 (105 lines)

9/24: Scenes 6-7 (114 lines)

9/25: Review Act I , vocabulary quiz & watch the film version.

9/26: In class response to Act I & notebook check

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