September 29th to October 3rd

AP Language & Composition:

9.29: On Monday we will peer edit your Jefferson/Stanton analysis. Bring two complete, printed copies to class. You will receive points for preparation and participation. Looking ahead,  you need to read Is Google Making Us Stupid for Thursday. I will provide a structure for tracking the essay in your notebook in class.

9.30: Tuesday we will begin a sequence of assignments designed to allow you to engage in arguments using strategies you have learned over the past 5 weeks. We will begin talking about how arguments are actually conversational; that is, no argument exists in a vacuum, and good argument is most often a response to an assertion someone has already made. We’ll introduce this concept with a quick, written response to a quote in class, then look at how authors use transition and directional language in argumentative writing (handout). This is the same type of language you should be tracking in Is Google Making us Stupid? in your notebook for Thursday.

10.1: Wednesday we will practice responding to others’ arguments by watching a TED talk, quickly followed by an informal written response and discussion. You will use the transition language resource from Tuesday to compose an argumentative response to the speaker in the TED talk.

10.2 Since you will have practiced arguing on your own terms on both Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday we will discuss Is Google Making Us Stupid? using the notes you’ve taken since Monday. Thus, please bring your notebook work and your copy of 50 Essays to class so we can discuss how the author uses outside source and language to frame his argument as a conversation.

10.3 Depending on how far we get on Thursday, we will either continue discussing the Google essay or conduct an activity to introduce the synthesis question, the 3rd type of open response question on the exam, and the only one you have not completed yet. Since this will be your first look at synthesis, we will analyze the sources carefully and allow you to write your final response at home. The purpose in giving you extra time to write is to allow you to practice using transition language, which is required to make your argument well structured and frame it as response to the ideas the sources have already introduced.

English 4:

*Please be prepared for short quizzes each day in class. If a quiz is given, you will be able to use your notes; so, please keep up and don’t merely rely on class discussion to complete your required notebook entries.

9.29: You will write your Act I exam on Monday during class. Please bring your notebook, the prompt handout, and any other material you would like to use when writing your response. I will also hand out Act 2 materials and you will need to have read Act 2 Scene 1 (63 lines) by Tuesday’s class.

9.30: We will discuss Scene 1 and give everyone a chance to start reading and taking notes on scene 2 (76 lines), which will be due by Wednesday’s class.

10.1: Discussion of scene 2 and time to read scene 3 (128 lines).

10.2: Act 2 Vocabulary Quiz! Then, we will take a good portion of class time to deconstruct scene 3 because it is the moment Duncan is found and new allegiances are formed. Understanding the subtleties of this scene will be important to understanding the rest of the play and writing your final essay.

10.3: Friday we will conduct an in class activity on how Shakespeare sets the atmosphere for the rest of the play based on the lines in scene 4, which is only 45 lines long.

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