October 6th through October 10th

AP Language & Composition:

10.6: We will begin class by discussing your responses to each source you read last Friday. Then, we will divide the sources amongst small groups and ask each group to extend their responses to the source by considering all possible evidence on multiple sides of the argument.

10.7: Each small group will take approximately 5-7 minutes to present their source; all other students should consider taking additional notes on the sources in preparation for responding to the question in class on Wednesday.

10.8: Wednesday you will be given the entire class period to respond to the synthesis question in class, using any additional notes and handouts you would like. Remember to bring a blue or black pen.

10.9: I will provide everyone with sample student responses to the synthesis question and we will take time to self-assess your in class responses. After school tutorial will involve a quick practice session on how to transition from evidence to either analysis or argument. This was the one aspect lacking in most essays about the Declarations.

10.10: I will provide the class period on Friday for everyone to work on their semester projects and to ask questions if needed.

I will also assign Frederick Douglass’ Learning to Read and Write, the 1st of 4 essays from 50 Essays addressing the power of literacy, the issue which will underlie our next small unit in class. This unit will build on the skills from the past two weeks and culminate in your next out of class essay, which will require you to synthesize evidence from the 4 essays to develop a position on the power of literacy.

English 4:

10.6: During the first part of class we will watch Act 2 of Macbeth. After the film is over, I will distribute the Act 2 essay and take a moment to answer any questions before providing any additional time for students to begin pre-writing for the essay in class on Tuesday.

10.7: You will spend the period on Tuesday writing a full response to the Act 2 essay. I will also handout Act 3 and Act 3 vocabulary. The vocabulary quiz will take place on Thursday.

You will need to read scene 1: Banquo’s suspicion arises and Macbeth sends murderers.

10.8: Read scenes 2 and 3: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth discuss the aftermath of their murder and the hired murderers approach Banquo & Fleance. Vocabulary quiz.

10.9: Read scene 4: The Macbeths have dinner guests, Banquo’s ghost shows up to dinner, Macduff is conspicuously absent from dinner.

10.10: Read scenes 5 & 6: The Witches reappear and Lennox and another lord discuss their suspicions about Macbeth’s responsibility for Duncan and Banquo’s deaths.

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