October 20th to October 23rd (Parent Teacher Conference Week)

AP Language & Composition:

10.20: We will conduct an open discussion of the importance of literacy in context of the sources and our own experiences. Please have the three questions in the post from 10.16 answered in your notebook in preparation for class. We will end the discussion in time for me to provide you with the assignment sheet for the essay.

10.21: We will meet in the Tundra lab to allow everyone to begin writing their literacy argument. Some prior planning on your part will make this more productive.

10.22: I am going to keep Wednesday open to accommodate two different options. We can either peer edit the essays or we can work on multiple choice. I will ask all classes to make a choice on Tuesday near the end of the class period in the lab–majority will rule.

10.23: If you are in periods 2 or 3 you will have a project work day or additional time to revise your literacy argument. I won’t see 5th period.

English 4:

10.20: You need to bring two printed copies of your Macbeth essay to class for peer editing. I will provide everyone with two peer editing sheets and you will be given points for arriving prepared.

I will also hand out Act 4 materials, and you will be required to read scene 1 (the second meeting with the witches & further prophecies.)

10.21: Read Act 4 Scene 2 (Macbeth’s murderers & Macduff’s family, ~80 lines)

10.22: Your Macbeth essay will be due at the beginning of the class period–I will not accept late work, nor work from a student who arrives late to class because of printing issues. We will take the Act 4 vocabulary quiz on Wednesday as well as discussing the 80 lines assigned Tuesday.

Read Act 4, Scene 3, Lines 1-160 for Monday (A conversation between Malcolm and Macduff)

10.23: I will see period 1, but not period 6; so, period 1 students will have time to work on reading the assigned portion of Act 4 and completing the notes.

*NOTE: Instead of writing an essay on Act 4, we are going to have a more traditional exam. On this exam you will be able to use any notes you have in your notebook, but nothing else. Thus, keeping up with the notes on Act 4, Scenes 1-3 will be in your best interest. The exam will take place next Wednesday.

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