October 27th through October 31st

AP Language & Composition: 

(Rhetorical Analysis & Multiple Choice begins)

To begin our formal unit on rhetorical analysis we are going to dedicate a portion of the week to reading rhetorically by going through a sequence of exercises to introduce multiple choice. See details below.

10.27: We will spend the first portion of Monday’s class period self-assessing your literacy arguments. You will need to bring a printed copy to class. The latter half of the period will be dedicated to discussing semester projects and updating the format of your blogs to include a works cited and writing archive page. These two pages will house your project citations for both semesters and some of your essays from class.

10.28: Tuesday will be the first in a sequence of 3 days formally introducing AP Multiple Choice. We have dabbled in it thus far, but it’s time to take a formal look at the construction of the questions and the skills needed to complete them. I will provide all students with a sample passage, and provide directions for annotations, as well as handing out a tracking sheet for your individual, small group, and large group answers.

10.29: First, you will be given one minute per question to complete the multiple choice questions independently, then we will move to small groups. In your small groups you will be required to reach consensus on the answers. We’ll post each group’s answers on a sheet of paper around the room. Next, we’ll move to a whole group discussion.

10.30: We will finish the final day of the sequence by conducting a whole class discussion about the answers to the multiple choice questions. This will involve talking through each answer and coming to a unanimous agreement on each. By this end, you should have your answer tracking sheet completely populated.

10.31: During class we will complete a close reading exercise to practice rhetorical analysis and I will assign an essay from your 50 Essays, as well as a short introductory packet to begin our study of the narration & description pattern.

English 4:

10.27: We will discuss Act 4, Scene 3, lines 1-160 by first answering guided questions on Macduff and Malcolm’s conversation which is the entirety of the first part of Act 4. You will need to finish Act 4 for Tuesday.

10.28: We will take a close look at the final lines of Act 4, and I will provide an overview for Wednesday’s exam on Act 4.

10.29: Exam on Act 4 in class. I will hand out Act 5 materials, and you will be responsible for reading Act 5, Scenes 1-3.

10.30: Have your notes prepared for Act 5, Scenes 1-3. We will discuss them in class and you will be responsible for reading Act 5, Scenes 4-7.

10.31: Be prepared for a quiz on Scenes 4-7. Finish the play, Scenes 8-9, for Monday.

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