Quarter 1 Reflection & Blog Format Additions


We have just finished the 1st quarter of school and our introduction to the foundations of the AP Language course. Therefore, I would like you to take a moment to reflect on your learning and to define some goals for moving forward. Sharing honest feedback will help me guide the course to best suit your needs. Please copy and paste the questions below to a new blog post, then answer each in detail.

Here’s a list of essays you’ve written thus far:

  • Benjamin Banneker & Alain De Botton Humorist prompts
  • Sojourner Truth 3 Appeals analysis
  • Dave Barry Satire Analysis
  • Student Modest Proposal
  • The Onion Prompt
  • Declaration Comparative Analysis
  • Educational Technology Synthesis
  • Literary Synthesis based on 4 sources from 50 Essays

Reflection Questions (Copy, Paste, Answer on your Blog):

  1. What have you learned about reading? What have you learned about writing analysis & argument?  How has your approach to reading & writing changed overall?
  2. What questions do you still have?
  3. With what types of reading & writing would you like more practice?
  4. Based on 1-3, what are 2-3 goals you have to make improvement moving forward?

Blog Format Additions:

In addition to these questions, I would also like you to add a Works Cited & Writing Archive page to your blogs. Go to DASHBOARD, PAGES, ADD NEW, then title the new pages based on the italicized text above.

The Works Cited should be used to store the MLA citations for your semester project sources (at least 7 sources by December.) Please put your book’s citation on the page immediately.

Secondly, the Writing Archive page should house your written work for the course. I would suggest uploading your outside-of-class essays to Google docs, then creating a link to the document on your writing archive page using the title or subject of the essay–see list at the top of this post for potential essays to post. This will serve as a digital portfolio of your work. See my Writing Archive page for format considerations.

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